Truth and Beauty

by Donna Mee I am all about doing what I can to help clients fake the illusion of better skin, bigger eyes, longer lashes, fuller lips, healthier hair, straighter, whiter teeth, firmer breasts and whatever other inventions and beauty tricks women can take advantage of. In fact, fooling people that think I am younger than […]

Before and AfterPictures

Before and After Pictures.

by Donna Mee Something I feel will be of benefit to a lot of you. In another group some pros were bashing “before and after” makeup pics and saying there is NO reason to EVER take them or use them. Here is my TRUTH. Let me start with… That’s bullshit. It is true that before […]


Head to Toe Tips & Tricks

by Donna Mee A beautiful, glowing complexion is something that all women dream of. However, very few are genetically blessed with great skin. Decades ago our only solutions for troubled skin were moisturizers,masks, facials and facelifts. Thanks to today’s technology, there are a plethora of products and treatments to give us the same youthful complexions […]

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Have you seen Donna Mee’s rare VINTAGE MAKEUP MUSEUM?! View some of her collection that spans 200 decades and find out just how her collection started.      


Mee in the Press!! LA WEEKLY..

Donna Mee, the Makeup Guru of Southern California By Gendy Alimurung Once a year, in late summer, Donna Mee takes her vintage makeup collection out of storage. Mee, who is known alternately as the makeup guru, the pageant guru and the queen of corrective makeup, teaches a class on the history of beauty at her […]

C U L T U R E  G R O W T H


There are MANY cosmetic and brush companies that claim to be ‘Cruelty Free.” Although the only ones that would truly be able to claim cruelty free would be those that only make synthetic bristles. Which is perfectly fine… unless you are a makeup artist.  Because the very best synthetic brush in the world, cannot apply […]