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Rihanna Launches Beauty Agency

Rihanna is taking a lot of shit from artists over a comment that her new “Beauty Agency partner said “Our goal is to have a stellar reputation. The industry’s changed so much — rates have gone down, and clients just grab images off social media, trying to bypass paying artists. But we’re concerned with social media, too — we’ll take a makeup artist with 500,000 followers over someone else.”

WHO’S COMPLAINING THE MOST? The usual Nay-sayers, Negative Nelly’s, Debbie Downers, Haters to Anyone Successful… or whatever you want to call them. Please don’t be a sheep. Here is my Newsflash to the sheep as well as the negative sheep herders.

#1. This new Agency is A BUSINESS. FYI, ALL businesses aspire to be profitable and social media is an ABSOLUTE KEY to successful businesses today. Businesses that aren’t keeping up with the times and utilizing social media are going out of business. Any artist that doesn’t realize the comment in question was an intelligent statement… Well.. I’d bet money that the level of success for their own freelance business is pretty dismal.

#2. People are complaining that their comment about their agency preferring to represent artists with a strong social media following means they are looking for instagram artists… HELLO… Whoever said that top makeup artists don’t have a strong following? There are many top talents that have over 500k fans and followers. Assuming that IG artists are the only ones with big followings is quite telling of ones lack of awareness. ~ You know who started that rumor? Insecure artists that DON’T have a strong social media presence. Instead of “uping their game,” they prefer to put down others.

#3. ALL Agencies expect the artists they represent to have a strong social media following. It’s part of the business. NO Agency wants to represent people that don’t give effort or care about their own reputations. An agency is a PARTNERSHIP. Artists don’t just sit back and expect their agent to do all the work. Any that do have been dropped. (Hence many artists that are no longer represented don’t have nice things to say about agencies.) Again… don’t be a sheep.

My words are not to create controversy, but to spread truth to lessen the amount of sheep in the industry. If you see anyone post about this topic with the usual tirade of nasty comments. I hope that you speak up and point out the truth. Feel free to share this post.  I’m sure my words will piss off some people. As no one likes to realize or admit that they jumped on a bandwagon going the wrong direction. But it is what it is, the truth that I’m known for delivering.

Love and wisdom,


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