Hiring a wedding hair stylist for your wedding

Hiring a Hair Stylist for your Wedding Day

by Donna Mee

Hair stylists working within the wedding industry often have qualifications ranging from one extreme to another. This information will give you valuable insight for making important decisions and avoiding potential, and common wedding day disaster stories.

Brides determine who they will hire for their wedding services based on their budget. Prices for doing a bridal parties hair may depend on the stylists training, experience, and reputation or purely on their ego! On your special day, you deserve results not attitude. Price quotes for hairstyling may vary extremely. Although two quotes may be similar, the job performance and your satisfaction may completely different. Regardless if you want formal hairstyling or a simple up-do, do your research and ask others for referrals. Many stylists that specialize in working with brides have web sites with online portfolios to view.

No matter who you hire to do your hair, you should insist on a hairstyling preview appointment. Most good hairstylists are booked many months in advance. So before you book a preview make sure they are available on your wedding date at the time frame needed.   At your preview consultation, your hair should be exactly as you wish for it to be on your wedding day. Do not put up with a stylist that says, “Don’t worry, I’ll do it curlier at your wedding” or “Of course at your wedding it will look better.” The whole point of the preview appointment is for them to show you what they are capable of. If you are not 100% happy with it, then seek out another stylist.

Also, you should decide how you generally want to wear your hair before purchasing your headpiece. Many types of veils and headpieces can limit the way your hair can be worn. If you’re unsure, before shopping, get recommendations from a hairdresser who specializes in styling hair based on your face shape and features. Your preview should be done after you have your headpiece, to ensure you have no last minute surprises such as the veil hides your intricate up-do or the tiara won’t fit with your placement of curls.

Make sure that whomever you hire includes “on location” service for your wedding ceremony. This will save you and your bridal party valuable time that would be wasted driving to and from a busy salon where the staff may be running behind schedule on a weekend.

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