Dry or Chapped Lips

by Donna Mee

There are many lip treatment products on the market such as lip conditioners, lip balms, and chap sticks. Most lip products on the market simply hold in moisture to prevent lips from getting chapped. These lip treatments usually have several non-penetrating ingredients such as petroleum, petrolatum, mineral oil, and various forms of wax. If you are seeking something to fix dry, chapped or cracked lips, you must avoid these non- penetrating ingredients that are most often found in Chap Stick, or lip conditioners.

There are products that penetrate the lips which replace lost moisture to heal and sooth chapped lips. These types are mainly referred to as lip balms although some are labeled differently. A true lip balm contains healing ingredients such as natural herbs, plant extracts, natural oils, beeswax and tocopherol (vitamin E).

Often people feel addicted to their lip treatment. In reality, that feeling comes from the temporary comfort that a waxy product gives. Some people prefer products that deliver a tingly feeling. These ingredients like menthol or salicylic acid actually peel the thin lip tissue making matters worse. The ever popular, Chap Stick only prevents a moist lip from getting chapped. Therefore, it is great to use before being exposed to dehydrating elements like the snow, wind, sun, etc. But if you lips are already chapped, there is no improvement unless you apply a true lip balm derived from natural ingredients.

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