Blackheads and Acne

by Donna Mee

Many people are plagued with acne, clogged pores or blackheads. There is a plethora of department store and drug store cleansers, scrubs and masks geared towards this problem, the best solution is less then $2.00 at any grocery store. Lemon yogurt applied like a mask for ten minutes will dissolve dead skin cells, deep cleanse pores, remove blackheads and heal blemishes.

Acne is caused from bacteria in the pores. Acidophilus is an ingredient found in yogurt that actually dissolves bacteria which will heal blemishes quickly. Weekly use of a yogurt mask can prevent most blemishes from forming. The citric acid of the lemon aids in removing dead skin cells, releasing stubborn blackheads as well as softening the skin.

Contrary to popular belief, facial scrubs should absolutely be avoided when breakouts are present. The granular portion of the scrub actually spreads the bacteria from each blemish to nearby pores resulting in additional acne.   So save your scrubs for blemish free days, hands, elbows and feet.


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